FAQs pamm traders

No! Your trading won't be affected in any way when you sign up with us
There are no minimum earnings you must generate to receive cash back. If you have selected a payment method requiring a minimum payment and your account balance is below this, your account balance will carry over until either you change the payment method, or your account balance reaches the amount required to issue payment.
We operates as a business introducer(sometimes know as Introducing Broker, Referring Broker or Referring Agent), as such we're compensated with a percentage of the spread. Different brokers offer us different incentives to send clients to them, but we always pass a big portion of this commission back to you - the trader. Of course we keep a small portion of those rebates to cover our expenses
In some cases yes, but please contact us with your specific broker in mind and we will be able to answer your question.
In most cases, yes. Please contact us for more details.
We currently offer the following payment methods:Bank Wire - $1000 minimum, fees vary depending on your location and are charged by our bank, please contact us for the fees.WebMoney - $100 minimum.Paypal - $50 minimum.Skrill - $50 minimum.
We pay rebates monthly by the 25th of the month.