FAQs pamm traders

This fee protect you as a customer that you will pay us a fee in structure which ensures that pamm traders does not get paid for poor performance. So if we loses money you will not pay us any fee till your account above the high watermark before receiving a performance bonus. The fee (if applicable) is only calculated on the last day of the month.
Pamm traders provide managed discretionary accounts to investors through the use of Muli Account Manager (MAM) software via the Meta Trader 4 tradingterminal.This allows us to combine investor’s sub accounts into a single master account that is then traded by the investment manager directly.Pamm traders driven by delivering positive returns for our investors. We have therefor created a free structure that incentivises performance and aligns our interests with our clients whereby clientsonly pay a fee in the event their account generates a profit.We charge 30% of the profits on
The minimum deposit required to open an account is $150 USD (or equivalent in other currency). 
Pamm traders don't charge any commision. We charge only success fee. If we make for you profit only then we take a commission from the profit only. 
PC - Download MT4 platform and login using the credentials provided you by the broker. Here you’ll be watching the trading platform run live in a similar environment you know at MT4.  Mobile phone - Download the MT4 app on your smart phone and login using the credentials provided by the broker. Once logged in you’ll be able to see your account trading live, 24hrs per day. 
Contact us by Skype user signalstrading1 or come to chat in our site.  You can register in user registration tab.