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a GOLD, OIL & CURRENCY investment communitY

Global Transparent Trading Platform

What We Do?

We Provide Hedge Fund services for our investors

We Trade

We trade the Gold and oil commodities, currencies and Crypto market . Investors are provided with MT5 Login details to view trading in real time.

We Earn Profit

Over 70% of our Forex Swing trades realize profit. Profits made are represented on our website dashboard.

We Pay Investors

We pay investors after deducting a maxImum 50% fee. Fee is for insurance contributions, bonuses and Trader fee.

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About PAMM Traders

PAMM traders Hedge Fund Management is the First totally transparent PAMM Trading platform. We provide Investors’ Login details of our PAMM accounts where they can monitor our live trading and profits. PAMM simply means Percentage Allocation Management Module. PAMM describes the pooling of Capital from several investors into a singular Trading account (with a regulated Broker; in our case FBS) to be Managed/traded by a Fund Manager. This PAMM account is made totally transparent to all its investors as its login details are provided for all its Investors.  Daily profits made from trading are represented on our website dashboard and reflect live profits made on the MT4/5 Trading account for the day. A maximum Trader fee of 50%  is charged on all profits. This fee is used for Insurance fund contributions, Fund manager allowance/share and referral/affiliate bonuses where applicable. The Insurance fund is to replace capital of new investors in the event of capital loss. The insurance fund only covers only capital not profits and is not applicable where profits made have exceeded capital amount invested. However, our Dedicated account has not experienced such loss of investor capital in over 5 years. Note all profits stated on this site are simply estimates based on past returns and as such are not fixed but vary depending on live trading returns.

Average daily returns are pegged for CRYPTO and all trades for ease of calculation. Pegged value for forex is derived from average past trading profits after deduction of TRADERS SHARE. A 50% Traders share is deducted from profits for Traders fee (10%), Insurance fund (20-30%) and Affiliate/referral bonuses (10-20%). Aside benefits such as saving time and needed expertise, PAMM Trading allows for complete Transparency as all investors are given direct access to the MT4 trading account(s) using Investor Logins and passwords. We have provided a MT4 platform linked to our web user dashboard for convenience. We trade with FBS Regulated Brokers.

Investments are made using CRYPTO Currency. Investors are automatically provided with the MT5 Login details of their PAMM of choice on the Dashboard. Deposits are then transferred to the Investors’ PAMM of choice within 24hours. Transaction details provided for the investor.
Irrespective of Trader proficiency, trading with leverage (as mainly applicable to our FOREX Trading) remains RISKY and Investors might prefer not to incur such risks. We have therefore structured 2 investments Plans to meet the risk tolerance and profit appetite of all our investors, some plans have Capital Security and/or Insurance. Capital security is trading with methods that ensure capital safety (such as low or no leverage) while Insurance is a set aside fund for repayment in the unlikely event of total account liquidation.

Our HYIP (HIGH YIELD) Investment Program invests in the CRYPTO Market in order to gain high returns. We make both Leverage, ETF and non-Leveraged CRYPTO Trading. Non-leveraged CRYPTO Trading assures capital security. This results in lower profits but still higher yields than FOREX Fund Management. High Yields are achieved in CRYPTO without leverage due to the high current Market Volatility. Trading CRYPTO with Leverage is however without Capital Security or Insurance as it is extremely risky and equally highly profitable.
Our HEDGE Fund Packages are designed for investors satisfied with relatively low but stable returns attached with PAMM Transparency, Capital Protection and Insurance. Our Forex trades are made on low leveraged accounts, with proper lot sizes on trades using over 13year tested Trading strategy and experience. This secures the Capital from Margin-call risk. Capital Insurance for our Forex Investors is provided through a segregated non-traded and TRANSPARENT account provided to all HEDGE Investors. We consistently deposit funds in our Insurance fund to always match at-least 80% of all Forex Invested Capital. This provides absolute confidence that in the unlikely event of any PAMM liquidation, all capital is refundable or re-tradable. INVEST WITH TRUST
PAMMTRADERS seeks partners as affiliates to join in spreading the word whilst enjoying bonus on referral profits. Contact PAMM TRADERS if you wish to be a representative in your state/country or a Trader with us.
Welcome to PAMM TRADERS: A Transparent Investment Community YOU CAN TRUST!


Our Services

Gold & Oil Trading

Our traders have over 13 years experience in the Gold and Oil market. Safe level of leverage is used. We trade to ensure safety of investor capital whilst maximizing profit buy tiktok followers. We provide DEDICATED Trading services for investors with $10,000 capital and above.

Crypto Trading

For our HYIP Investors to make high returns. Our Crypto Trading is without leverage therefore capital is still safe. However, Capital Insurance is not provided as the crypto space is very volatile. YIELDING HIGH RETURNS

Referral Bonus

10% REFFERAL bonuses paid on profits (estimated profits) not capital as all investor funds are either traded with brokers or diversified for other investments UNDER FULL TRANSPARENCY.
Partner with us as our official Representative and earn more.

Active Support Team

We have an active support team dedicated to assisting/resolving any issue encountered by our members.

Why Choose Us

Trading Experience: Over 13 Years

PAMM Trading Transparency: MT4 login details provided

Not a Ponzi: live trading

Capital Safety & Insurance

Trading With Regulated Broker

Timely Withdrawals: Powered by cryptocurrency

investment plans

Invest And Join A PAMM

Hedge Basic: low Risk


Risk Exposure


minimum investment


Average Daily Payout




Capital return



50% Capital Insurance

Hedge classic: safe


Risk Exposure


minimum investment


Average Daily Payout




Capital return



70% Capital Insurance

dedicated REPS.: SAFE


Risk Exposure

No Risk

minimum investment


Average Daily Payout

0.35% / Compounded



Capital return



100% Capital insurance

Investment Calculator

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PAMM Traders actively trades the financial markets. PAMM Traders using the right strategies and the expertise of our trading team coupled with over 13 years vast experience in the Commodity, currency,  STOCK and modern day CRYPTO-CURRENCY market. We maximize profits and minimize losses thereby creating an assured return on capital backed by an insurance fund against any possible losses to our Investors capital.

PAMM Traders wishes to state that the minimum amount for investment is $100 and minimum amount for withdrawal is $100. Maximum amount for a single deposit is $500,000 and maximum amount for withdrawal is $1,000,000. Each amount is applicable in reference to a single transaction

For a member to invest, first register, after registration,  proceed to funding your account with the desired amount, after which you can proceed to invest in any amount on any payment plan. After completion of the investment days, member will be able to withdraw funds to their personal account instantly. Note all deposits and wothdrawals are processed using crypto-currency. Country Reps may discretionally process transactions for their referrals.

PAMMTraders.com Charges 50% of all profits before fixing/remitting returns. 10% Traders fee, 20% Affiliate Bonuses and 20% Insurance fund. However, the Insurance fund only covers capital and not profits. Therefore once investors have made their capital back in profits, the insurance fund expires. This resultantly means all insurance funds expire within a year on average and can therefore be transfered to another PAMM or CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARES. Our profit therefore depends on the certainty of our Investors success.

PAMM Traders accepts five methods of investment. They include

  • 1. BITCOIN
  • 4. USDT

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